The Green Coast Team

Bryce Klee. Owner & Guide.

Since I was just a pup I have been fascinated by wild creatures and the places they live. My parents can attest to the rows of carefully organized animal figurines that lined my bedroom, divided into their natural environments and likely poised for the hunter-prey showdown that would inevitably ensue. I was very fortunate to be exposed to nature throughout my childhood and will be forever grateful to my family for enabling so many inspiring moments.

After leaving the nest I spent a great deal of time travelling throughout South America, Asia, and Africa while experimenting with just about every job in the book. I was inspired to pursue tourism and guiding when I realized how well it combined my skills, passions, and ambitions. Haida Gwaii had been on my radar for years as a wild and mystical place to one day explore. So, given the opportunity to re-shape my vision for the future, I committed to ingraining myself in the culture, community, and environment of the archipelago about which I had so long been curious. Upon arriving in Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii I was inspired by the physical beauty of the landscape and the deep connection to nature that many of the inhabitants share.  I have since found a very pleasant niche for myself within the community working as a Paramedic, assistant carpenter, and tree planter in the winter months and a professional sea kayak guide in the summer. This is my first season as the owner of Green Coast Kayaking and I am incredibly excited to embark on this journey and share in the natural and cultural treasure that Haida Gwaii has to offer with all my guests, family and friends (the distinction often gets blurry).

Mateo HG.jpeg

Mateo Cariglino. Guide.

Meet Mateo. He's a coastie through and through. Mateo has explored much of the Sunshine Coast in BC for kayak guiding and hops hemispheres in the winter to kayak guide in New Zealand. Originally hailing from Port Coquitlam, BC, his studies eventually lead him to the oasis that is Haida Gwaii. Like many, his reverrence for the archipelago's beauty and community values continues to bring him back. Most importantly, he is more than keen to share all the natural splendor and stories that these islands have to offer.

Join Our Team

We are always interested in learning more about potential Lead and Assistant kayak guides. If you would like to guide with Green Coast in 2018, please e-mail us your cover letter and resume to begin a conversation. Please note that any applicant must have the appropriate certifications with either the ACSKG or the SKABC